Annual Spring Rendezvous

We believe that when you purchase a boat from us, the relationship does not end there. We are less interested in having more boat owners in the world because we are passionate about helping create more of the boaters who embrace the boating lifestyle. Each year we plan a Rendezvous that encourages boaters to come together to experience something new on the water. Here are some pictures of the previous rendezvous we have hosted. We hope you can join us next year!


2019 Spring Rendezvous (Rosario Resort, Orcas Island)

The weather on Orcas Island couldn’t have been better for the 2019 Rendezvous.  We did a big group hike up to Cascade Lake & enjoyed the beautiful scenery around Rosario Resort.  We had a really great turnout! Thanks to everyone who made it out!


2018 Spring Rendezvous (Blakely Island & Cypress Island)

IPYS crew & customers met at the beautiful Blakely Island Marina as guests of the amazing Harbormaster and his wonderful staff. We enjoyed late nights telling stories around the fire pits on the marina grounds, mornings filled with fresh donuts and coffee, and a comically grueling hike on Cypress Island. We had so much fun we cannot wait to do it all again!

Spring Rendezvous morning preparation
Spring Rendezvous morning docks
hanging out at the picnic table
family and friends sitting at picnic table
family and friends sitting outside
family and friends sitting outside 2
kids on stand up paddleboards and kayaks
girls on stand up paddleboards and kayaks

2017 Spring Rendezvous (Lopez, Orcas & Sucia Islands)

For the 2017 Rendezvous, we ventured to Sucia Island for an overnight. It was a perfect day and night for boating and camping. In the process, the group circumnavigated (or partially circumnavigated) Orcas Island.

sitting outside enjoying lunch
boats docked
man grilling up lunch
kids on raft
hanging out outside cabin
friends and family enjoying a meal
mountains along lake horizon
sailboat coming in to port
family camping along lake
Brian cheers with a friend
kids playing along rock wall
setting up the lunch buffet


2016 Spring Rendezvous (Lopez and San Juan Island, WA)

This year we led a group to circumnavigate San Juan Island, with a quick stop for lunch on Roche Harbor. After returning from the expedition, we had some amazing oven-fired pizza at the Krantz house.

family eating together
guys walking down to pier
Brian happy to be on open water
boats departing for the day
friends hanging out at picnic site
boats sitting in marina
friends talking in a circle
friends sitting around a fire
more friends sitting around a fire
woman serving beverages
campfire at sunset


2015 Spring Rendezvous (Circumnavigate Lopez Island)

For our first Rendezvous, we stayed close to home and circumnavigated Lopez Island. Afterwards we ate dinner together at the Lopez Islander Resort.

group inside wheelhouse
group inside wheelhouse
boats leaving port
guys steering the ship in the wheelhouse
sten view of boat traveling open water
boat on open water
friends sitting along shoreline
boat docked along shoreline
looking at shells along shoreline
picking up shells along shoreline
friends and family sitting at the dinner table
friends dining together