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Sargo Offshore Boats

Uncompromising Quality.

Sargo Offshore builds boats for those who love being at sea regardless of the weather conditions. For those whose season never ends. The boats are solid and safe, designed for active leisure time. Function and comfort go hand in hand in Sargo Offshore boats – they are built for use. The non-skid single-level deck makes it easy to move around. Every part built robust to withstand tough conditions. A large easy to operate sliding roof hatch offers versatility while steering, whatever the weather. The interior is comfortable thanks to features such as wall and ceiling insulation. Sargo Offshore boats are fast, quiet, and fun.

Features that enhance safety at sea are crucial in all-season boats. Safe use is the focus in everything from spacious walk around to sturdy hull. Every single boat we deliver has been tested at sea, under real-life conditions. Sargo Offshore boats classified as Category B – offshore vessels. This means they can cope with strong winds and high waves.