The world of buying and selling Yachts and Boats can be very confusing. Most people looking for a vessel have a particular vision for what that vessel will help them achieve. The challenging part is getting the right vessel for the right application. From having a custom luxury yacht, to buying a tender for your larger vessel I can help make sure you end up with the correct product that will work properly for you. Getting the correct product is essential but it doesn’t always insure the success of reaching your boating goals.

The key to success is having a good understanding of each customers challenges and taking active steps to make sure the desired experiences do happen. I just had a customer and his wife see me on the dock. We had not talked in years and he greeted me saying, “Here is the man that changed our lives!” I was so pleased, they had some challenges getting started but we had worked through them and they are now accomplished boaters that help other boaters have the time of their lives! Let’s go boating!

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